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Patient Information

What to Expect at the First Appointment

Our primary goal at Glado Dental Clinic, during the first appointment, is to get to know you and to figure out what your goals are, both short term and long term. We truly believe that optimal dental care is a collaborative effort between the doctor and the patient. For instance, some patients may want to makeover their entire smile and are ready to go the distance towards making their dream a reality. In contrast, other patients are perfectly content with what they have and want us to help them maintain the current status of their oral health.

Prevention and Conservative Dental Treatment

Regardless of what a patient's goals are, we emphasize prevention and conservative dental treatments, as well as the elimination of any diseased states early on, before they have a chance to progress into the chronic stages, which can be difficult and expensive to treat.

Personalized Treatment Plans at Glado Dental Clinic

At the first appointment, we will make a treatment plan for you that take into account your current pre-existing conditions, as well as your goals/desires. We will also prioritize the treatment plan accordingly. Our dentist/administrator will also discuss financial options/planning to ensure that lack of finances is not an obstacle in getting the dental treatment you deserve.


If you're feeling a little nervous about your visit, here is what you can expect from our friendly team.

Meet & Greet

Feel at home from the moment you arrive at our office. Our friendly team will introduce themselves and get to know you a little better. The dentists, your Takoradi dentists, pop in to say “Hi” and welcome you to the practice. Plus, you can enjoy some warm cookies and refreshments before the start of your appointment

With You at Every Step

We walk you to your consultation and treatment room where your dentist or hygienist will walk you through your comprehensive exam, procedure, or hygiene wellness visit. Our team truly focuses on thorough, open communication so nothing is missed and your experience feels seamless.

Your Complete Dental Visit

You will always feel in control of your visit. We never pressure you but rather educate and guide you on your journey to improved health. After your comfortable exam, our team discusses our findings and works with you to decide on the most effective treatment plan for your needs.


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